• GM-110 GM-110


      The GM-110’s optical sensor has four adjustable DPI settings for optimum precision up to 2400 DPI – ideal for FPS games! Includes glow effects and six buttons for increased in-game responsiveness.

    • GM-500ES GM-500ES


      Optimised for FPS games, the GM-500ES boasts customisable ambidextrous ergonomics, with up to 5000 DPI resolution. All settings can be changed via a hidden panel under the top.

    • GM-300 GM-300


      A perfect glide for FPS games! The optical sensor provides ultra precision up to 2500 DPI. Customise the eight action buttons and RGB backlight with the included software.

    • GM-105 GM-105


      Lightweight and versatile, the GM-105 sports an 800 to 2400 DPI optical sensor. Its understated design and rubber finish provides perfect precision and grip for MOBAs!